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A community of companies who are passionate about changing how the recruitment industry is run today. We will work together to ensure all candidates are treated equally and self development is our key focus.

As a candidate we want to provide the tools and experience to take that next step in your career whether that is a new role, learning a new skill or connecting with fellow minded product professionals

Our Process

  • Standard

  • Basic Fit

    An agent will speak to you to learn about your current position, interest in seeking new opportunities, location, salary expectations etc

    Skills Self Assessment

    You will write down your self assessment of certain skills and criteria

    Cultural Assessment

    You may be given a cultural assessment prior to panel interviews

  • Executive
  • Psychometric

    Online psychometric evaluation.

    Expert Panel Interview

    Video interview with a panel member, usually a product or industry specialist

    Expert Assessment

    Assessment of competency, usually a product or industry specialist

    Background Check

    Depending on the role and client requirements, we will perform credit referencing, background, and right to work checks


Some super cool training material for product people at all levels!



We will be offering range of courses to aid your progress in product. They are currently under development.

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