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My Mentor Path Press Release November 2nd 2022

My Mentor Path launches sign up process ahead of launch expected early 2023.


Waiting list for its Q1 ’23 launch

London / 2nd November 2022

My Mentor Path, a provider of mentoring technology, today announced a waiting list for its Q1 ’23 launch. Its cloud powered platform streamlines the mentoring process and makes mentorship accessible to all. Brainchild of My Product Path founders Ash Goodwin, Shaun Smith-Taylor and One Knight in Product guru Jason Knight, My Mentor Path is designed to ensure product professionals shouldn’t feel alone in their career journey. We want to give product professionals around the world access to the support they need to grow in their careers.

“I have benefited from mentors at various points throughout my career, and they’ve helped me through good times and bad. A good mentoring relationship can be transformative for both mentor and mentee, and I’ve always been keen to do my part. Now, I want to make sure mentorship is freely accessible to all, so we can support the needs of as many product management professionals around the world as possible”, said Jason Knight, Co-Founder, My Mentor Path.


At My Mentor Path, we passionately believe in inclusivity and that mentorships should be available to all. So whatever your experience, it’s relevant to somebody.


  • Whether you are a mentor that is passionate about passing on all that hard earned knowledge? 
  • Want to give your time to help others who can learn from your experience? 
  • Whether you’re a seasoned VP of Product or a Product Manager starting on their journey, you can always inspire those that are following behind you. 
  • If you are someone who needs guidance, support, encouragement to bounce thoughts off? Can get an exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking.
  • Whether you’re a leader looking to get ahead, or an individual contributor looking for advice, speak to those who’ve been there before.


“We have already been delivering tangible customer value by solving some of the greatest business challenges within the product management recruitment market, now we offer a solution to making mentoring accessible to all and not just a selective cohort”, adds Shaun Smith-Taylor, Co-Founder, My Mentor Path.


About My Mentor Path

My Mentor Path provides cloud-based mentorship services. Our values are clear, we are inclusive, accessible and technology led. We are launching our platform in Q1 2023 and look forward to working with you.

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