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Sick of being ripped off?

Confession time.. I’m a recruiter and i genuinely think the recruitment market is a little broken.


I’ve worked with large banks, fintechs, travel and AI companies who all have one commonality, they use external recruitment partners.



Because companies, hiring managers and TA teams understand for specialist roles they need expert knowledge and access to high quality talent pool.


What is the market size?

The UK recruitment industry in valued at over £40b. There are nearly 1000 recruitment agencies in the UK that turn over £5m per year.


When is the time for change?

If we dig deeper then there are a lot of inefficiencies, these include huge barriers for technology adoption and amusingly similarities to legacy banks v fintechs market shift that we saw over 10 years ago. Remember the transferwise (now wise) marketing campaign which was RIP hidden fees? The banks are ripping you off? Why do you oppose questioning whether your recruiter is ripping you off v whether your bank is?


Time for change?

The winds are turning, companies are in a layoff depression, the crypto winter is upon is and cost of living crisis is biting. Is now the time to call out traditional recruitment companies? Well to understand this we need to understand the challenges and status quo today.


What is traditional recruitment?

aka the legacy bank 🏦

  • % based fee
  • No replacement guarantee
  • E2E process takes months not days
  • Manual process


What does change look like?

Rectech aka the fintech 📲

  • Fixed fee
  • 6-12 month guarantee
  • Onboard candidate in days
  • Streamlined process which is UX led and blends AI with human touch


Is it time for a change?

Ask yourself are you being ripped-off? Does your recruiter do the below?

  • Do they guarantee there work?
  • Do they offer a fixed fee, not %?
  • Does it take weeks/months to onboard candidates?


No? Then they are ripping you off.

Let’s bring tech to recruitment and look forward to speaking to you soon.


Ash Goodwin



Myproductpath is like your favourite recruiter and UX just got married in a ceremony called ‘Rectech’.


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