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Will the recruitment dinosaur ever wake up and embrace technology?

Ask yourself whether any of the below sound familiar?


Does any of the below sound familiar?


Will the recruitment dinosaur ever wake up and embrace the technologies that we have in today’s day and age?


The Candidate:
  • Why am I sharing my information via email, over the phone? This isn’t the 20th century, is it?!
  • Why doesn’t the recruiter update me? Have I been ghosted?
  • Where am I in the process? Why am I chasing updates?
  • Why didn’t I get the role? How do I develop myself to the next level?


The Customer:
  • Why are you charging me over £10K for most roles?
  • Why is the process so manual? Emails, phone calls! This isn’t the 20th century, is it?!
  • You only care about getting candidate offers agreed and turning up for day 1. Where is the aftercare? This doesn’t seem like a partnership
  • What else can you do to help? End-to-end full-stack recruitment process?


Why is this wrong?
  • There are two areas that are essential when creating a strong user experience in a modern customer-facing environment, a product-led approach and strong use of technology. When the two collide they are a beautiful place to be a customer of but…..
  • Unfortunately for both candidates and customers in the recruitment sector, this is not the case, with the user journey being manual, slow, and expensive to all sides.


Why is technology the answer? 
  • End-to-end user interfaces that generation X actually want to engage with
  • AI to automate manual processes such as sourcing & shortlisting.
  • A holistic packaged solution that includes offer and referencing checking within a single portal.


Benefits of technology for the Candidate:
  • Onboarded faster, reduces the risk of loss from the slow process
  • Enjoys interaction
  • Qualified fit for the role, reduces 1st-year churn


Benefits of technology for the Customer:
  • Save 50% on fees
  • Save 50% on manual resources during the process
  • 1-year guarantee and aftercare
  • Be treated like a partner and not a number


Of course, there is a place for recruiters in the process but recruiters should focus on account managing their customers and leave technology to take the load of where they are currently performing manual tasks.

Does the above ring true? To see how a full-stack recruitment process can work for you, please reach out!

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