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Removing human bias – A word from our Co-Founder

A word from our co-founder on his struggles and experiences with recruiters in the past and what inspired him to kick start a revolution within the recruitment industry.

I don’t trust 95% of recruiters that I have met and they remind me of shady estate agents

I’m saying this as someone who isn’t a recruiter but has dealt with poor practise for over 20 years.

I prefer building kick ass products that make industry problems like the above go away.

I’m not negative against all recruiters by the way, I’ve met some unbelievable recruiters who genuinely care, have excellent industry knowledge and go the extra mile but this is the minority. That as a sentence makes me sad.

I’ve seen poor practice as both a candidate and a hiring manager.

As a candidate I’ve been:

  • Ghosted 👻
  • Lied too about role specification, salary expectations, equity, etc 🤯
  • Played as a pawn to get better deal for other candidate that was their mate ♟
  • Positioned poorly to the hiring customer. Terrible summary of skillset and aspirations 😞

As a hiring manager I’ve been:

  • Lied to about cost, availability of candidates, suitability, industry knowledge. I could go on 😡
  • Communication has been non-existent, me chasing for updates my side regularly ⏰
  • Fed a dream candidate redacted CV to get my interest and then see nothing in terms of pipeline/bench of that quality 😳
  • Biased and uneducated shortlisting criteria 🤥

As a product person at heart this really grates my corn (better than me swearing). This is why I have and will continue to build products that remove human bias and poor practice from the recruitment industry.  Hit up below to find recruitment 3.0

Oh, and look forward to the bias comments centred from a lack of education on the industry they serve below 😘

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